My company is creating a private package for use with Ubuntu, available from our private APT repository.

If a crash dump associated with our package is generated by apport/whoopsie, and a user responds to the dialog saying they want to report the bug, where does the report go?

Is there a way to specify the bug reporting system that should be used somehow?

What happens if Ubuntu receives a bug report for an unrecognized package?

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The stable version of the dialog says you can "report the problem," which does not mean filing a bug.

The problem reports go to Ubuntu's error reporting system. Bugs go to Launchpad.

According to the answer on this question:

You can set a custom crash database in the package-hook for your package. But if your crash database doesn't act like debbugs or launchpad, you will also need to create a custom crash database connector implementation, which doesn't look like it can be done without installing a python file outside of /opt.

Also see more information about Apport and for developers.

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