I'm having issues seeing specific WiFi networks. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04.1 on a late 2010 MacBook Air. At first I thought it was the internal wireless adapter so I bought a USB one but that didn't solve the problem. I also can't see the same networks if I use the MacOS X (Mavericks) partition so I'm a bit lost as to why this could be.

I ran the wireless-info script with the USB wireless adapter attached

I'll post it in a comment because I get an error for too long a post.


This is the link to the log.


  • Is it the internal or the USB you want to fix? I suspect they conflict and you ought to work on one at a time. – chili555 Dec 16 '14 at 16:01
  • If I had to choose one, the USB adapter would be it. I first had the problem without the adapter and that's why I bought it. – Juan Pablo de la Vega Dec 16 '14 at 16:04

I suggest you blacklist and unload the driver for the internal device:

sudo -i
echo "blacklist wl"  >>  /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
modprobe -r wl

Then fix the USB as described here: NETIS WF2120 Wifi Adapter Drops Signal Within Seconds

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  • Thanks for the answer! I still haven't been able to try it out. Will let you know how it goes when I do. – Juan Pablo de la Vega Dec 18 '14 at 21:34
  • It worked great! After building the new driver wiz the instructions in the link, I removed the internal device driver from the blacklist and now both adapters can see the WiFi network. – Juan Pablo de la Vega Dec 30 '14 at 10:27

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