I have created a windows file share windows server 2012 on one of the data centre and I want to access the file share in another data centre on Ubuntu server 14.04

I am able to ping both the machines vice versa. I have installed cifs-utils on the Ubuntu machine and when I run the

$ mount.cifs //x.x.x.x/test /mnt/iweb -o user=Administrator

Windows Share is not getting mounted on the machine. Correct me if am wrong on the same.

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Try this

mount –t cifs //servername/sharename /mountpoint –o username=userid

It will ask for the password, once you enter this command.

Also make sure that you have cifs share entry in /etc/fstab

  • Thanks for the reply, I tried the same mount –t cifs //servername/sharename /mountpoint –o username=userid i gave the password and after some time i get an error message time out. Dec 17, 2014 at 15:07

try this

sudo mount -t smbfs -o username=domainname\\username,password=userpassword  //servername/sharename /mountpointname

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