I was upgrading my ubuntu 13.10 to 14.04 and was having this exact Ubuntu 14.04 doesn' t boot after upgrade from 12.04 installed inside Windows 8.1 problem.

I have been able to start my system but I want clarify that should I change all the occurrences of 'ro quite splash' to 'rw quite splash' in grub.cfg? There are two places that 'ro quite splash' occurs in grub.cfg file. I am very new with ubuntu. Please help.

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Try this - in the terminal type:

sudo gedit /etc/grub.d/10_lupin

This opens the text editor. Then find the line that looks like

linux ${rel_dirname}/${basename} root=${LINUX_HOST_DEVICE} loop=${loop_file_relative} ro ${args}

and replace ro with rw, then save (you need sudo for the save part)

then you need to rebuild your grub file so (again in the terminal) type

sudo update-grub

Hope this helps.

  • If gedit is not installed, every other editor should work like e.g. geany, vim, emacs, ....
    – frlan
    Mar 2, 2015 at 16:10

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