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Just got my laptop and Ubuntu was already installed when I switched it on. I don't know my username nor password, no disk / paper was included. So I can't install applications or run this program normally. What can I do to learn a password? I even can't restart or switch off my device to change it.

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What would be the use of the password if anyone could read it? Of cause you can't. In your situation there are two ways:

  1. Reinstall Ubuntu. I recommend it because this way you will both get all the settings right and be sure nobody left a nasty trick in your machine, intentionally or not.
  2. Boot from live CD. Then chroot into your system and change passwd. Here are instructions. If you follow them , keep in mind that your disk name may be different from /dev/sda1, use lsblk utility (in LiveCD) to check.

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