Just recently got interested in encryption and some things are unclear. Say my ubuntu user is password protected and i have an encrypted folder. Now let's say someone takes my laptop, checks if i have encfs installed and because i have, he knows there are some encrypted files on the laptop. How hard would it be for that someone to get to those files? The user password is fairly easy to bypass. I have read this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FolderEncryption and as much as i understand that someone would have to know the location of the enrypted and visible folders and since he's already bypassed the user password he could also access those files using an encfs command right?


At first, I am recommending to use the manual command: man encfs. The encfs command makes an encrypted filesystem. And for example test user wants to access your folder, He can not. It doesn't matter how strong is your filesystem encryption, if the hacker crack your easy login password. He can access your fs, because the hacker will be the fs owner. You should change your password for a stronger one.

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  • Thanks. Your answer confirms what i originaly thought - encryption is only good for outside intrusions and is as safe as your user password. – eight Dec 13 '14 at 19:24
  • The encFs encrypted files have nothing to do with your user password. Of course there are security issues if someone can access your filesystem, but these are not covered by your answer. – Sebastian Aug 17 '16 at 9:46

The encfs files are encrypted independently of your user account. This being said, if someone has access to your file system because of a weak user password, he could install some malware (keylogger or something).

Furthermore, there are known securioty issues with encfs, especially if someone can get various versions of your encfs encrypted files (which might be possible in this case).

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