How do I get Network-admin to restrict connection to GSM (Edge) instead of flipping between 3G and Edge and lose connection. Usually it works out-of-the box, but at my current location there are a lot of radio shadows, so the recommendation from my ISP is that I should lock to Edge - which can be done using their own driver in Windows.

How can I do this in Ubuntu

Ubuntu 11.04 Modem: Huawei E220 ISP: Telia mobilt bredband kontant

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click on network applet > Edit connections.. > Mobile Broadband

select your mobile broadband connection and click Edit

enter image description here

you will see dialog box as below,

enter image description here

change Type: to 2G (GPRS/EDGE)

enter image description here

click Save. now whenever you try to connect to internet it'll use only EDGE even if 3G network is available.

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    It doesn't work on 15.10: when I open the settings again it don't show me that it uses 2g. – Alexander Rodin Feb 18 '16 at 17:28

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