I'm starting backup from the 'Settings' app, clicking the 'Back Up Now...' button. It seems to back up fine, but when it get to 'verifying backup...' the error message shows up:

Backup Failed.

Could not restore ‘~/.cache/deja-dup/metadata’: File not found in backup

It's a fresh backup, only one single directory.

~/.cache/deja-dup is symlinked to a folder on a extra hard drive (/dev/sdb1, ext3) mounted in /media/WD1TB.

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It seems a known bug in Deja-dup:



I fixed this error by simply creating a metadata file in .cache/deja-dup i.e., from the home directory issue the terminal command

touch .cache/deja-dup/metadata

dejadup-preferences is still throwing CRITICAL errors but probably unrelated to this.

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