I recently re-install Ubuntu 14.04 and ran all the updates it asked for.

After adding the sticky-notes to the menu bar,from the "add to pannel" options, any note that I put on the desktop is not saved when I log out or reboot.

I did save the ~/gnome2/stickynotes-applet file from the previous install, and was hoping to put it back on this one, but there is no gnome2 directory.

I have also noticed that the previous version is 3.8.1 and the current version is 3.5.92.

Side note if it helps, I am using gnome-session-fallback, which I also used on the previous install. I just don't like Unity.

  • I'm facing the same problem. Have you figured out how to solve it? – dot.Py May 30 '16 at 3:52

Try using Gnote.You can found it on software center.

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    That doesn't answer my question. That's a workaround. Not a solution. – Walter Dec 11 '14 at 4:55

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