I have to run a grafic application on ubuntu 12.04 LTS from my Web App. All works greate, but every time I boot the pc, I must run "xhost +" comand on terminal to execute the application.

If I run the application from terminal, all starts, but from the Web App no. Is there a solution to avoid to tipe this comand everty time?


Thanks for the replay! I have found the solution. If someone could be interested, this is my solution: My problem was that at every reboot I had to run the xhost + comand. So I created a script with this line and I put it in the Startup Applications. Now works:)



You can install "Unity desktop" to enabled GUI

sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends ubuntu-desktop

If you are looking for light weighted GUI, possibly you can try "Gnome" GUI, which can be installed using the below command,

sudo apt-get install xorg gnome-core gnome-system-tools gnome-app-install
  • Hi, I have tried both solution. Ubuntu-desktop was just installed. The second, I have installed but nothing is changed. – user1331311 Dec 9 '14 at 11:47

Try edit the below configuration file with some text editor,


and make sure below attribute is set to 2


Save the file and do a restart.

Now check system is showing with GUI,

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