I'm new to Linux and I'm currently running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Server).

My challenge is that I am trying to create a VNC desktop that will show the full ubuntu desktop but for some or other reason when I connect via the VNC client I'm confronted with the root's X desktop.


For serving VNC off of a headless server, you'd best go with tightvncserver; so install that.
Also, make sure that you have a desktop installed already.

Then, switch to the user account you want to start a server for:

root@box $ su some_user

(If you need to create a new user first, see Adding a new user on Ubuntu server.)

As the user, create a VNC server instance:

some_user@box $ vncserver -geometry 800x600 :5

Then finally, as the client point your VNC client to box:5.


Kill your running VNC with the command below,

vncserver -kill :1,

Open the below file in a text editor,


Search for this line -

x-window-manager &

and replace it with

gnome-session &

Now save and exit this file, then launch your VNC and check.

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