I'm in a situation similar to the one described in this post ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxxxx does not exist. Dropping to a shell

I have 2 internal hard drives. The original Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installation booted from /dev/sdb2, using /dev/sdb1 as swap.

I tried a clean installation on /dev/sda2 from an USB stick and booting it gave me the same issue.

Booting from /dev/sda3 (the original windows 7 recovery partition) works perfectly.

Booting from the USB stick, the filesystems on /dev/sda2 and /dev/sdb2 look OK.

Obviously I tried the suggested procedures on /dev/sdb2 and on /dev/sda2 but with no result.

  • So what does your fstab contain now? UID or sdX? – Fabby Dec 9 '14 at 1:42
  • 1
    UUID anyway i asked on ubuntuforums also, and i got a suggestion to run grub-install instead of updating, and strangely that did the trick, the problem is solved – ramon7108 Dec 9 '14 at 8:49

I tried the procedure mentioned here but nothing changed. I then got a suggestion of running grub-install instead of update-grub after update-initramfs and that mysteriously did the trick.

  • Please use the edit link on your question to add additional information. The Post Answer button should be used only for complete answers to the question. – Luís de Sousa Dec 9 '14 at 9:27
  • @LuísdeSousa: that's what he did: he got an answer on Ubuntuforums and then posted it here! ;-) – Fabby Dec 9 '14 at 19:43

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