recently started building a home network out of ubuntu server and a few other computers . . now on one older one i have installed ubuntu server and can connect to it with the ip and either ssh . . .me@ ftp or via the browser to access my lamp install

Now come the part were im stuck . . .say if i wanted to create a virtual host say mysite.local I can take care of the creation of the host but how can I access it from WITHIN the network ie so instead of typing I type mysite.local into the browser of a computer also on the network


You can set up a DHCP server on the network and use that to resolve hostnames, eg https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DHCPv6

Many home routers can serve DHCP.

You could also use the /etc/hosts file to name IP addresses, but this will only work on a computer where you configure the /etc/hosts file.

  • Thank you for the reply ive gone through a tutorial to set up a complete home server with apache on it that includes making a static ip address but then after all of that found out my router wont port to static ip's only to the mac so got to wait for a router upgrade :) going to have a look into the above though – Jason Demitri Dec 11 '14 at 12:20

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