Good evening everyone. I am currently running KDE on my laptop and I would like to know if there is something with the same capabilities of krunner for unity DE. What I really need is a good file index capability plus application control, just like krunner. I know the dash can look similar but due to Zeitgeist it does not is useful to me, and moreover it is damn slower than krunner. I tried also tracker search service in unity, but it is not at all integrated with the dash. I also know that gnome 3.12+ includes tracker search provider in search queries but I do not like really much the environment. Please not answer me something like: "why not you stuck with KDE?"

Much thanks in advance.



I suggest you to try Gnome Do. It is fully customizable with plugins and you can also choose which folders you want to index, the depth of indexing and which folders or subfolders you want to ignore.

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