I use Firefox with flashgot, which makes downloads via wget. Some time ago, the wget-terminal-window appears, makes its download, and when finished correctly it disappears automatically.

Then there was an update... and now the wget-terminal-window does not disappear on its own. It waits for a keypress and then disappears.

about:config says, that when wget is invoked via [URL] -c -T 15 -w 15 in a normal xterm, wget exits as ever when finished, even with these commandline options.

Any ideas?


It's not a wget issue, it's FlashGot. From their changelog:

[Unix] Turned the "Press any key to exit..." prompt
  (which was a lie) into "Press [ENTER] to quit..."
  The flashgot.term.autoClose about:config preference
  can be set to either to -1 (default) to prompt, 0
  to close the terminal immediately, or an integer
  number of seconds to wait before closing


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    Can you edit in the link to their change log? – Tim May 4 '15 at 12:21

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