My country has network block, so when i use "nmcli connection up uuid <UUID>", it always show "Connection establish successful" and then show "Network connection failed :unknown reason:" right now, I find network manager can config log, my question is where is network manager log?

Fortunately, when i use Linux mint GUI to enable VPN (Network manager GUI > VPN connections > my vpn) it work well.

Update, please don't tell me try to use OpenVPN, my country has blocked this way since too many people use it.


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As mentioned on comments, you can grep --color NetworkManager /var/log/syslog | less or better use journalctl:

journalctl -u NetworkManager.service

-u, --unit=UNIT|PATTERN Show messages for the specified systemd unit UNIT (such as a service unit), or for any of the units matched by PATTERN. [...]

Hardly your country can block the use of OpenVPN. They probably block IPs, ports, unless they use advanced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) techniques.

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