I am beginner to Ubuntu. I have installed ubuntu desktop 14.04 and have tried to install PHP, Apache, MYSQL and PHPMYADMIN through terminal. I have tried many commands but have only installed Apache and php.

After some time i see that i have installed these software in many directories. So Now i want to see the list of All these software installed on my system and uninstall them and then install in a secure Way.


Open up a terminal and type,

 $ dpkg --list

to list all the installed packages.

To completely remove the package you want, type:

 $ sudo apt-get purge <package_name>

For example,

 $ sudo apt-get purge phpmyadmin

Also, the easiest way to install these services is using tasksel,

 $ sudo apt-get install tasksel
 $ sudo tasksel
   (Select LAMP server and follow instructions)
 $ sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

Open up Ubuntu software center. Go to Installed tab and in the search, simply type * (asterick), the software center will show up all the installed software by category. To uninstall any software, simply highlight it and click Remove.


To list all packages, type the following command in the terminal:

$ sudo dpkg --list

To remove package:

$ sudo apt-get remove package-name

To remove package along with its configuration files if there is any:

$ sudo apt-get purge package-name

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