I'm sorry but I'm an absolute beginner and have difficulty typing.

I have an HP Proliant DL36 and friend has installed a GUI on it for me. For the time-being I will run it with direct console access (Mouse and keyboard interface), only connecting to the internet to download what I need to install.

Once it's up and running I'll have to access it through a web portal.

On to my question: Does anyone know of a tutorial, to set up a server and services using an Ubuntu GUI interface?

To clarify, I want to replicate a Windows Server look-and-feel to see what services have stopped, or what problems there are. I'm looking to replicate that as near as possible with Ubuntu.

  • Are you looking for a GUI interface to configure, monitor and control the server and services running?
    – douggro
    Dec 2 '14 at 15:26

You need VNC for this, over SSH. So you need to install openssh-server and vnc-server. You don't tell us what version of Ubuntu it is, so I guess 14.04 LTS, so google if you have another version.


Unlike Windows which has different kernels for the server and the workstation, Ubuntu has only one kernel... :-)

So you shouldn't be trying to install a bare-bones server and then add a GUI, but just install the desktop version and then add all the server components you need. (Mysql, vsftpd, Apache, ...)

Then install SSH and VNC as mentioned by SPBRN

A few extra's that will give you GUI server management:

You could use a "Web hosting control panel" (google it) like Ajenti but I would strongly advise against it as you will not have any deep knowledge of your server and in Linux (as in Windows), you need the CLI to do anything remotely advanced.

Oh? You think advanced stuff doesn't need a CLI on Windows??? Try doing a fsutil behavior set memoryusage 2 on a Windows server using a GUI! >:)

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