I am looking for a step by step approach to change font color in evince while it is in invert mode by pressing ctrl + i in Ubuntu 14.04. I want the font color to be green #00EE00 hex. When googled I saw some people did it but nowhere on how to. Thus I came down to post a thread. One clue I found is that must something to do with c file called "ev-document-misc.c". I need to know the exact path for it and which line to edit to cause the font color change. I look forward to hearing from you geeks!


To ​devav2​

I read your comment on "How to change pdf background color in evince?" at askubuntu.com. I am desperate to know how you did. I am learning programming language of Java and tentatively saying I could understand bit of C language. Would you be able to answer to my question below? I have not been answered for four days. I will really appreciate your help and elaboration in advance. Your solution will give me a great deal of improvement in reading with my Ubuntu.

Change font color while in invert in Evince pdf reader asked by me How to change pdf background color in evince?


ev-document-misc.c is a source file in text format, so you cannot run it directly. It is one of the files from which the executable file /usr/bin/evince is compiled.

But you can add the source code to your computer and create an altered evince from these by following these instructions.

Edit your file before you will run the make command.

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