I have a dual-boot machine with Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04. Then, I installed some drivers on Windows from a CD (chipset, NVidia, LAN and audio).

However, when I now boot into Grub and choose Windows, instead of loading up Windows as before the updates, it just sends me to a blank purple screen (the purple that is the Ubuntu colour by default). I have also tried running Ubuntu's boot repair, to no effect.

Any help?

  1. You can boot up Ubuntu?

    try to run

    sudo update-grub

    and check it its added windows boot

  2. Are you using UEFI-Boot?

    --> you should have some UEFI-Boot-Menu where there should be a Windows Boot Manager entry. Try to hit some keys during boot (F2, F10, F12 ...) to get this menu.

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