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How can I install software offline?

    sudo apt-get install {x}     ex: X = ghdl

I want download the package "X" to my USB . How can I do that ?

Second, my computer doesn't have internet, so how do I install it on my computer?

EDIT: So my question is this:

  • How to download the packages from the Ubuntu Desktop having the internet connection without installing it there?
  • How do I copy the now downloaded package on to my USB drive? (specific location of the downloaded package once it's downloaded)
  • What command am I supposed to execute at home to install the software from the USB once I am on the computer that doesn't have the internet connection?

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Typing apt-get -d install <packagename> should do the trick. The -d flag tells apt-get to only download the package and not install it. Adding -o=dir::cache=/mnt should tell apt to download it into /mnt, but you might need to fiddle about with that to make it work properly (it might want directories laid out like an apt-cache, it's been a while since I've done this).