I have a bash script that checks my network environment and mounts shares accordingly. If I'm at work and have a hard-wire connection to the LAN, then I'd like to activate a hotspot connection for the wireless devices in my office.

Here's the script:

# are we at home?
if [ "$(ping -q -c1" ]; then
  mount <home shares>
# well then are we on campus?
elif [ "$(ping -q -c1" ]; then
  mount <work shares>
  # if we're on campus, then are we connected to an ethernet cable?
  if [ "$(nmcli dev list iface eth0 | grep GENERAL.CONNECTION)" != "GENERAL.CONNECTION:                     not connected" ]; then
  nmcli con up uuid <uuid> iface wlan0

The nmcli command fails; there are several problems.

The nmcli tool doesn't seem to allow disconnecting a wireless connection arbitrarily. You can do nmcli con down but only if you can specify the <id> or <uuid>. In my environment wlan0 will connect to one of several wireless networks somewhat arbitrarily.

The nmcli dev disconnect works with a specified <iface> but seems to prevent reconnecting to anything except by manual selection. Reconnecting in a bash script doesn't seem to work.

The nmcli con up command (currently in the script above) doesn't seem to work if the <iface> has already established a connection.

Any suggestions on how to use nmcli to force a specified <uuid> connection when an unspecified <uuid> connection has already been established? Would something besides nmcli would work better?


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