I am new to Ubuntu. I want to know about the easiest way to send files to a USB device. (ex. Pen drive, external hard disk etc.)

My Ubuntu version is 14.10.


1) I am sorry if this is a very basic question. But it is hard for me to figure out the solution.

2) Is it possible from command line?


When you plug in the stick, it will probably auto-mount, ie open a new window. If not, there should be a new icon appear on your desktop; double-click will mount it. You can then either use drag-and-drop in the usual way; or use a terminal & type cp yourfilehere /media/your newly mounted stick Once copied, you should use the unmount symbol next to the drive name on the window; or type sync ; sudo umount /media/your newly mounted stick Then you can remove the stick; job done.

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