It seems like we are going to have ubuntu touch powered devices in the near time.

Even though I'm willing to have an ubuntu powered device I find it pretty hard for a new competitor in the mobile arena to succeed if it doesn't have lots of apps, and the only way I see this could be achieved in the near feature is supporting android apps. Besides, there are some apps that are clear deal-breaker for many, like whatsapp, facebook, etc.

Jolla seems to think so, and being open source Ubuntu Touch could benefit from all their work supporting android apps.

So I was wondering if Canonical is considering adding support for android apps.


This is what Richard Collins, head of Ubuntu mobile products, has to say on this issue -

Q. Since Android is also Linux-based, is there any plan for Ubuntu to run Android apps?

A. Many Android developers already use Ubuntu as their desktop OS and we have a very close affinity with them. We intend to encourage them to make their Android applications run on Ubuntu, but we won't engineer any middleware for running Android apps. Developers are intelligent and capable enough to make their apps run on our devices.

You can read his complete interview at Engadget.

  • Yes, I saw that interview (should have added the link myself), I was just asking if they have reconsidered that strategy. – opensas Nov 30 '14 at 14:12

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