I'm looking for a widget or such that simulates the disk activity light that my Lenovo laptop ought to have but doesn't. I don't want any more information than that -- no usage graphs, etc. Just a binary indicator that says that the disk is working.

Does such exist?


indicator-multiload from the default repository is as close to this feature as I can find. It displays a small rectangle in the notification area. By default it shows the CPU usage. You can change the preference and select which usage from 6 choices including Harddisk. You can simply remove the check mark from Load and checkmark Harddisk.

The binary indicator criterion is a vertical line on or off.

I need this functionality because, while the monitors are on my desk, the computers are hidden, so I can't see the flashing lights on them. Also, like you, one of the computers is a mini-box, that doesn't have an harddisk LED.

Since this question was high on my google search for a solution, I'm sure it will benefit others looking for something similar.

Hope you can use it.

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I couldn't find anything which specifically caters to your problem but wmhdplop seems to do a similar job. Although it seems quite old, it might do the job.

enter image description here

For more information, visit this website.

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  • wmhdplop seems much more elaborate than what I need, though I might turn to it if I get desperate enough. Thanks for the pointer. – Paul A. Nov 28 '14 at 14:27

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