Is there any software for speech to text ? I want to make random notes.

From searching i can only find the opposite, text to speech.



The question which has been linked to mark this as a duplicate suggests Simon as the solution. However, Simon has not had a release in more than one year and is quite buggy and unusable in newer releases of Ubuntu. Therefore, alternatives must be sought, requiring newer answers to this question.


A single search of apt-cache search speech to text returned a program called "Julius":

Description of the package julius:

speech recognition engine
 Julius is a high-performance, two-pass large vocabulary continuous
 speech recognition (LVCSR) engine.
 It supports N-gram based dictation, DFA grammar based parsing, and
 one-pass isolated word recognition. Phone context dependencies are
 supported up to triphone. It can perform a multi-model decoding, a
 recognition using several LMs and AMs simultaneously with a single
 processor, and also supports "hot plugging" of arbitrary modules at
 run time.
 This package contains the executable applications, a set of tools
 useful to build recognition grammar and some examples (like a
 script to use Julius to execute some predetermined commands).

Installation: sudo apt-get install julius

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    and at the bottom it says: Works really well for Japanese, but English is still lacking... :/ – Fabby Nov 27 '14 at 22:56

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