I am upgrading and old Dell 9100 that came with a Dell (OEM) Audigy LS sound card and Windows XP. Everything is working OK except the sound.

When you try to play a sound, all you get is static or white noise. When the playing stops, the static goes away. I used the test buttons in the sound settings as well as playing sound from the browser.

I have played with alsamixer to get 63 <> 63.

I completely re-installed Ubuntu also.

I played around with pulseaudio also.

I selected analog input on the input tab of the sound settings.

The sound card shows up as SB0310 Audigy LS.

Any other suggestions?


With alsamixer, locate and mute SPDIF/IEC958 channel (m to mute when fader is selected with arrows key)
(from there)

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