I have a script called start-hotspot-terminal.sh. The text in it is:

#! /bin/bash
x-terminal-emulator -e "sudo /home/user/tools/start-hotspot.sh; read -p 'Press [Enter] to close terminal.';"

There is another script called start-hotspot.sh. The text in it is:

#! /bin/bash
ap-hotspot start

I have done all the necessary things to execute start-hotspot.sh with root privileges without requiring the password. Basically, I read and followed this . So the sudo in the start-hotspot-terminal.sh should not be a problem.
When I simply run sudo /home/user/tools/start-hotspot.sh from the terminal, the hotspot starts without asking me for the password.

But now, when I run the start-hotspot-terminal.sh I am prompted for the password. When I replace the x-terminal-emulator with xterm, there is no problem and the hotspot starts!

Why does this happen? Any way to fix it?

System: Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit, Default terminal is gnome-terminal

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