I am new to Ubuntu.... I have installed Ubuntu 14.04.1 with VMware Player 6.0

I have allocated 20GB of hard disk for this VMWare process and 2 GB of primary memory .

I was getting a webpage while installing ubuntu and after that I redirected to command line mode. and in the screen - I am getting the below message

"please wait ! vmware tools is currently being installed....... ...Otherwise,please wait for the graphical environment to launch..

I am having internet connection issues currently and connection going ON and OFF...Not sure - is something progressing currently.

When I go to Player > Manage > "Download VMWare tools" , this option is disabled and "Downloading VMWare tools"is displayed.

1) Please help on how to launch GUI interface 2) Do we need "Vmware tools"to work with Ubuntu in VMWare player.

  1. If you can use the command-line interface, try typing startx. If that doesn't work, try typing sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop. This may get the GUI to work. For more information, see this string.
  2. To quote from this website, "Although the guest operating system can run without VMware Tools, you lose important functionality and convenience." You can try cancelling downloading VMWare tools.

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