I'm having Xubuntu14.04. I installed below plugin to launch Terminal.

But, I'm getting below error whenever i use, "Open Terminal Here" option.

The terminal terminal was not found

I'm having below settings for both "Default" and "User":


// The command to execute for the terminal, leave blank for the OS default
// On OS X the terminal can be set to iTerm.sh to execute iTerm
"terminal": "",

// A list of default parameters to pass to the terminal, this can be
// overridden by passing the "parameters" key with a list value to the args
// dict when calling the "open_terminal" or "open_terminal_project_folder"
// commands
"parameters": []

How can I make it work? Please suggest!


If you're using Unity/Gnome, just change the line

"terminal": "",

in the User settings to

"terminal": "/usr/bin/gnome-terminal",

and you should be all set. If you're using KDE, the command should be konsole.

Good luck!

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