I'm have a thumbnail problem on my Ubuntu 12.04 machine where my thumbnails won't stay deleted. I've gone through the following steps in an unsuccessful effort to permanently delete old thumbnails:

  • In the dconf/Configuration Editor, I go to org -> gnome -> desktop -> thumbnailer and paste the MIME type into the value field of disable key.
  • In my .thumbnails directory, I delete all files.
  • Stop nautilus using nautilus –q. Then restart nautilus.

As soon as I open an image folder, a thumbnail for each image file in this "images" folder gets re-created in the .thumbnails folder again.

How does one resolve this behavior of thumbnails getting re-created each time I open an image folder?

  • you dont want images having thumbnail ? you want get that kind of image preview
    – Alex Jones
    Nov 22, 2014 at 1:15

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if you want to disable thumbnail feature in nautilus as:

  • open nautilus by clicking Files in launcher
  • in menu bar click on Edit > Preferences
  • then go to Preview tab as show below. "Show thumbnails:" set it to "Never"
    Note you will not be able to see thumbnail preview for any file type

nautilus thumbnail feature

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