I'm trying to use the 3D software Blender in Ubuntu and the software is very keyboard shortcut heavy. The issue is, a lot of the keyboard shortcuts overlap with Ubuntu's system shortcuts. For example, Alt+RightClick is a shortcut in Blender. However, Ubuntu overrides and displays a menu which allows me to minimize/close/maximize/etc the window. Is there any way to disable all the keyboard shortcuts except for Alt+Tab when I'm using blender? I like the shortcuts in all my other programs, but since Blender has too many intersecting shortcuts, I just want to turn off the system shortcuts when I'm in Blender. Any ideas?

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This issue happens quite often with default settings. A lots of applications rely on Alt shortcuts but don't work because unity or compiz is already using them.

I don't know of a way to disable the shortcuts temporarily, but even if there is the best solution i've found is to avoid conflicts altogether. The first thing i do on a new setup is go through the desktop keyboard shortcut settings and have them use Super instead of Alt.

It makes things very clear:

  • Super is for window manager actions
  • Alt is always available for apps (except for Alt+Tab and Ctrl+Alt+Arrows which i like to keep).

The "windows" keys act as Super by default, but you could have the "menu" key do it:
(i like to have it on the right side and there's no right "window" key on my keyboard)

System Settings -> Keyboard Layout -> Layouts -> Options -> Alt/Win Key Behavior
and choose "Alt is mapped to Right Win, Super to Menu".

enter image description here

Now go through keyboard shortcut settings and change Alt bindings to Super ones.

Change compiz shortcuts as well with CompizConfig Settings Manager (install it first).
You can easily find all Alt shortcuts with:
Advanced Search -> Search in ... Settings value and type "Alt"

That's it, you will never be annoyed by conflicting shortcuts again.

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