I have heard that Proxy Support in Trasmission has been removed as of version 2.12. Is it possible to use proxy by any other method?


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TL;DR: http_proxy environment variable works for at least 2.92. For versions 1.4.x and older see configuration options here or below.

Citation from transmission wiki page:

Transmission uses the libcurl library for http- and https-based tracker announces and scrapes. Transmission doesn't support proxies, but libcurl itself honors a handful of environment variables to customize its proxy behavior.

relevant variables start here here. And in CURLOPT_PROXY description there is this:

libcurl respects the proxy environment variables named http_proxy, ftp_proxy, sftp_proxy etc. If set, libcurl will use the specified proxy for that URL scheme. So for a "FTP://" URL, the ftp_proxy is considered. all_proxy is used if no protocol specific proxy was set.

I run transmission-daemon using systemd, so I just add line


to service configuration using

sudo systemctl edit transmission-daemon.service

and all worked.

I have transmission-daemon 2.92. Can't say for sure for older version, but according to this wiki page you should use this parameters for transmission 1.4.x or older:

proxy-authentication String
proxy-authentication-required: Boolean (default = 0)
proxy-port: Number (default = 80)
proxy-server: String
proxy-server-enabled: Boolean (default = 0)
proxy-type: Number (0 = HTTP, 1 = SOCKS4, 2 = SOCKS5, default = 0)
proxy-username: String
vim /lib/systemd/system/transmission-daemon.service

then add proxy enviroment, like

Environment="HTTP_PROXY=" "HTTPS_PROXY=" "ALL_PROXY=socks5://"

It works on 2.94


Transmission uses the proxy configured using the Network Proxy tool located under the Preferences menu.

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    this is not a solution as the feature was removed as of 2.12, and does not state how to accomplish what's asked (fix and I'll remove my downvote).
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