Why are there two wikis related to Ubuntu?
The first one is Community Help Wiki and the second one is Ubuntu-wiki.
Both of them seem to be related to the community. Are the sites the same?


From what I can see, the Ubuntu Wiki is more professional and more officially maintained, with less community articles by just anyone and more articles created by official groups.

It's also a hub for official information about Ubuntu and the related teams (LoCo teams info, Governance & Membership, etc.)

On the other hand, the CommunityHelpWiki is just that. It's a Community wiki intended for helping people with problems, as opposed to providing them with facts. It's also a bit larger, with tutorials being the main focus.

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  • wiki.ubuntu.com holds various types of contents. For instance you can find personal pages where individuals present themselves - nothing professional or official with those. Also, I don't understand why you say that help.ubuntu.com/community does not provide facts. I downvoted your answer, since I think that Wilf's and muru's answer explains it better. – Gunnar Hjalmarsson Nov 19 '14 at 18:13
  • @GunnarHjalmarsson I didn't say that help.ubuntu.com/community doesn't provide any facts, I said "as opposed to providing them with facts." I was referring to the fact that it's more of a help the user out with problems and offering tutorials wiki than a wiki that provides just raw facts. Also, I said the Ubuntu Wiki is more professional and more officially maintained. I didn't say that is was only professional and official. – RPiAwesomeness Nov 19 '14 at 19:10
  • Well, there is room for interpreting it otherwise. ;) Admittedly there is room for improvement of how the Ubuntu web site is organized. As regards user documentation it's spread out over (at least) three places: 1. help.ubuntu.com (the official documentation, maintained by the documentation team, not a wiki), 2. help.ubuntu.com/community (the community help wiki which is not systematically monitored by any official body), and 3. wiki.ubuntu.com (which contains some user documentation pages, but whose principal purpose is something else). – Gunnar Hjalmarsson Nov 19 '14 at 20:38

I think they are there to do different things - https://help.ubuntu.com/ has official and community documentation on how to use Ubuntu and do things with it - e.g. using the launcher. The community section is maintained by the community, and has various guides on different things (e.g Radoen graphics and drivers, Security etc.)

https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ seems to be more about 'What is Ubuntu?', as well as how to contribute to Ubuntu (as well as events) and the current Ubuntu releases.

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They are for two distinct uses:

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