I installed rsh-server in my system for test purposes, but now I want to disable it without removing its package. I don't know how I can check rsh status. I can not see it with:

sudo service rshd status

Noted that, I don't install rsh under xinetd.

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I don't have an Ubuntu system on my hands, but I believe its started by xinetd: Edit /etc/xinetd.d/rsh and set disable=yes.

You need to restart the xinetd service once you're done.

  • I don;t install xinetd at all, but install rsh-server in my system. Then installed rsh-client to test rsh-server. When I run rshd localhost, I can login to my system. There is same situation for telnetd. But it is exist in /etc/inietd.conf. please see linuxhomenetworking.com/wiki/index.php/…
    – Gohar
    Nov 15, 2014 at 17:53
  • Package rsh-server has a dependency on openbsd-inetd but I can't verify this at the moment.
    – Jan
    Nov 15, 2014 at 17:59

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