First noticed in 12.04 still persists in 14.04 This happens when to change to a system user (www-data, postgres, etc) and not for a user which has a desktop profile setup.

What I have tried:

  • Copy .profile and .bashrc from a user to the www-data user which shows colors in the ls command but still no color in mercurial

Reproducing the problem (colors show for the first hg stat command but not the second):

sudo su -
hg stat
su - www-data
hg stat

Sounds like a simple configuration issue. You successfully got colored ls output after copying suitable .bashrc and .profile files to the other user's (e.g., www-data) home directory. Obtaining colored output in mercurial should presumably be as simple as additionally copying a suitable .hgrc file.

Also see the mercurial man page.

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  • Actually its not that simple because there is no .hgrc file in any users profile. The color is coming by default in the root user and its not in the /etc/mercurial location either – eskhool Nov 20 '14 at 8:18

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