I have installed Ubuntu 14.10 with the / partition as btrfs, I want to make a snapshot of the subvolume /home occasionally. How to I proceed?


this might help ya out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs part of which is shown below. hope i was helpful and best luck to ya :D

How to work with snaphots in Ubuntu's layout

In order to work with snapshots of / or /home in the Ubuntu layout it is very convenient to mount the btrfs filesystem at a separate location, and work from the top of the btrfs tree, rather than from the mounted subvolumes.

sudo mount /dev/sdX# /mnt

Create snapshots

To create a snapshot use:

sudo btrfs subvolume snapshot /mnt/@ /mnt/@_snapshot

This will create a snapshot of the @ subvolume named @_snapshot located also in the top of the btrfs tree.

Rollback to a snapshot

To roll back to a snapshot, you simply need to change its name to the name that Ubuntu mounts, using:

sudo mv /mnt/@ /mnt/@_badroot
sudo mv /mnt/@_snapshot /mnt/@

and reboot.

Delete a snapshot

To delete a snapshot use:

sudo btrfs subvolume delete /mnt/@_badroot

btrfs snapshots are subvolumes in themselves, and self-contained, deleting the old @ subvolume like this is fine, provided we have a replacement.

  • How come I can't delete a snapshot with rm -rf? – user284659 Nov 12 '14 at 15:59

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