I want byobu running in gnome-terminal to:

  1. Interpret mouse wheel scrolling as scrolling up in the current byobu window.
  2. Allow me to select text with my mouse (eg, to copy it to the clipboard).

Is this possible? Alt+F12 will enable #1, but prevent me from selecting text. Otherwise, selecting works fine, but scrolling scrolls through gnome-terminal, and not the current byobu window.


You're right about Alt-F12, for toggling mouse mode on and off.

As for scrolling in the Byobu, you'd need to enter scrollback mode, using F7.

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    After scrolling, there is a way to select text just with keyboard? – Pablo Bianchi Nov 22 '19 at 16:34

Each window in Byobu has up to 10,000 lines of scrollback history, which you can enter and navigate using the alt-pgup and alt-pgdn keys. Exit this scrollback mode by hitting enter. You can also easily copy and paste text from scrollback mode. To do so, enter scrollback using alt-pgup or alt-pgdn, press the spacebar to start highlighting text, use up/down/left/right/pgup/pgdn to select the text, and press enter to copy the text. You can then paste the text using alt-insert or ctrl-a-].

Above taken from: https://gist.github.com/inhumantsar/bf86ff1961cccdf8be06

NOTE: This copies into byobu(or tmux's) clipboard, I've not found a way of pasting outside of the byobo terminal yet.

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