I configured LDAP server on my Linux machine and create users/group accordingly as required. I have different groups like: admin/managers/executive/developers/users/clients.

Now I have around 10 different application in PHP/Java on running on live-server. How can I configure that some application can only accessible or edit by specific to group's user. For Example. If the user A is from the group Admin->Is allow some pages/functions to access and can edit as well while client or user have limited access (only can view some pages) while Developer can edit the information too.

Maybe: I know, but a silly question. Which group to authenticate (login process) at application level is set at application server level (Apache in PHP)?


This question is quite old but I'll give in my experience.

Use LDAP for authentication, not for authorization. This means that the PHP app should authenticate a user against the LDAP server and grant authorization based on internal policies (validated against groups the user may be in, for instance). Most web frameworks out there should provide a wide variety of LDAP authentication libraries. This way, authorization is decentralized and simplified in medium/long term.

In case of application directly run on a client machine, note that LDAP will preserve posix groups and the following question could help: How can I restrict program access to other users?

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