After updating my Kubuntu to 14.10, I can not see the video annotations on YouTube videos. I tried to turn off Flash Player, but the annotations does not work neither in the HTML5 player.

Any ideas?

(Sorry for my English.)

Edit: Possible solution is to use Chromium instead of Firefox. Does anyone please know, how to fix this issue in Firefox?


I just upgraded Firefox to 34.0 and annotations began to work, so it might be a bug in the previous version (33.0).


Possible Solution: Annotations are working properly in Chromium:

sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

More info about the problem:

Today I noticed I have this same problem. The annotations on my videos and on other user's videos were visible, now they are all gone. I want to add a few details that might help:

  • When I edit the annotations on my videos they are correctly shown in the annotations editor, but not when watching the video normally.
  • I use adblock plus, but disabling it completely does not help.
  • The new annotation ads that youtube includes in the bottom left corner of some videos are visible (the ones that slide).
  • The channel icon people can add in their videos in a corner is visible.
  • Ads in general are visible.
  • When I right click in a video it shows me, among other things, "About Adobe Flash Player [version here]". So I am pretty sure it is not the html5 player.

As stated above, the annotations are working properly on Chromium.

  • Thanks for specifying the problem, the symptoms are similar. :) I would like to continue using Firefox, so using Chromium is not a solution for me. :| – janjaromirhorak Dec 5 '14 at 15:39

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