does anybody know how I can install a printer in kde 5 plasma ? I cannot find a module for that in system settings :-(

os configuration is: ubuntu 14.10, kde plasma 5, x64

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There is no printer module yet in Plasma 5.

You can use the built-in web cups configuration. Just point a browser to http://localhost:631


You need to:

  1. Install cups with sudo apt install cups (I'm using Arch, not Ubuntu, so I'm guessing here, but it should be that or something very similar).
  2. Then start + enable the cups service, i.e. sudo systemctl start cups and sudo systemctl enable cups. After that, you should already be able to manage your printers on your browser at http://localhost:631.
  3. [Optional] If you want to use the KDE System Settings to manage your printers then you need to install the KDE print manager (the package's name is "print-manager" so you'll probably get it installed with sudo apt install print-manager).

There is a good printer configuration module at the KDE Software center. The software center is bundled with KDE Plasma. Wait for the list to update, and type 'printers' in the search box.

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