I was having trouble running Borderlands 2 on a newly imaged Ubuntu 14.04 64bit install.

  • The machine is a Lenovo X1 Carbon.

  • I had trouble with the libopenal1 error, but was able to fix it.

  • I've ran all system updates and upgrades.

  • I installed the Intel graphics driver using their Intel Graphics
    Update software, then rebooted.

Now when the game starts the screen is black except for a small box where the game intro shows and the main menu. But it's only a small window of the full image and I can't see everything. I can't use the arrow keys, alt+tab, or the mouse to get out of the game so I have to reboot the machine. The video in the box looks good, no discoloration or distortions. I am at a loss, does anyone have any ideas?



I have the exact same issue for Borderlands The Pre-Sequel with a Nvidia graphic card, same OS.

The problem actually occurs only in full screen mode, I set the game in window mode and it is fine now.

To avoid restarting your computer everytime, you can just connect to another virtual session (Ctrl + Alt + F1), kill the process and go back to the virtual session running your X server (Ctrl +Alt + F7 for me).


You can also edit the graphics window sizes in the willowgame subdirectoriess, in the .ini files, search for ResX and ResY and set them to your actual screen size.

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