I've managed to make the audio work on my AW 14 laptop(feb-2014), but the sound from the speakers is really bad. It sounds like my laptop is in a tin can.

Here is what I noticed:

  • On windows, the sound is perfect, so it's not related to the speakers.
  • If I plug in my headset or any headphones, the sound quality is Good
  • I've checked and there are no sound effects present. If I connect to bluetooth speakers, sound is good.

I found this Launchpad bug report, which is related to the same problem, except about a different driver.

The solution written in this comment corrected the problem. Of course, you need to choose your own Realtek Driver; mine was a different version.

Thank you so much to everybody for pointing to node 0x1a, work like a charm installing hdajackretask, chosing Realtek ALC668, marking show unconnected pins and, find Pin ID 0x1a mark override, choose line out (center/LFE) and apply now and that's it enjoy the great sound of Alienware 14

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