Just like "Install to Intel NUC with onBoard 4GB eMMC":

I try to install Ubuntu Server 14.10 AMD64 on a notebook containing no hard drives (even SSD) but just an (e)MM-Card. Windows works fine with it ;-(

The debian-installer / installation kernel doesn't recognize the (e)MMC. So then there are no drives shown and there is no way to partition any disk.

Using Ubuntu Desktop 14.10 AMD64 shows other difficulties. The (e)MMC is known by the live system. ubiquity is able to partion the (e)MMC, but it installs just the desktop system without having the features of the debian-installer...

Is there a way to add the kernel module while installing with debian-installer?

It shows an option named "Detect virtual driver disks from hardware manufacturer". But in which structure or representation shall it be?

Screen shot of debian-installer

enter image description here

Maybe someone will help...

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