I have tried all kinds of solutions proposed here and in the wild, however, I cannot add my Skype account to Pidgin.

When I open "add new account" dialogue, I can choose between Skype and Skype-Dbus protocol alright. However, when I enter my username and click "Add", pidgin happily dies with either of them. I once got Skype asking, if I want to allow Pidgin to use public API, but since by the time the dialogue appeared Pidgin was dead, it did nothing

What have I tried:

  1. Placing libskype64.so in ~/.purple/plugins

  2. Running apt-get install pidgin-skype

  3. Doing wget http://eion.robbmob.com/skype4pidgin.deb then sudo dpkg -i skype4pidgin.deb

  4. Placing libskype.so in ~/.purple/plugins

I have checked, I have libpurple-bin installed, not sure if that's the libpurple Pidgin uses, but Facebook messaging works.

If it helps, I'm using 64bit Ubuntu 14.10 with gnome-shell DE, Skype-shell integration disabled.

EDIT: I was asked to run pidgin from terminal and post output. Here it is:

Yes, there is no output.

EDIT2: Running pidgin --debug revealed the bug; the two last lines of the output are:

Attempt to unlock mutex that was not locked
Aborted (core dumped)

Googling around I found this bug in bug tracker. People say

I can confirm that compiling and installing libskype64.so from source (r665) fixes the issue.

However, I do not know, how do I compile libraries.

  • Can't help wondering if that plugin is updated to work with Skype 4.3. – Gunnar Hjalmarsson Nov 6 '14 at 15:26

This usually should work without any issues. We will start from the beginning. remove skype and pidgin: sudo apt-get remove skype* pidgin*

To get skype to work, you need skype itself installed sudo apt-get install skype and install the plugin like so: sudo apt-get install pidgin-skype. Select Skype. and i think you know the rest

enter code here


  • That's exactly what I meant with 2nd try. Pidgin simply shuts down after choosing Skype and pressing Add... (account) – julka Dec 17 '14 at 14:01
  • 1
    @julka run pidgin via terminal, and post the output of that in your Question! – blade19899 Dec 17 '14 at 14:02
  • I did edit my question. – julka Dec 17 '14 at 19:02

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