There are many examples online for modifying and building kernel, but non of them would realy work! I want to activate SPI-Devices to work with. It needs also GPIO-Interrupt for triggering SPI-Read-routine. This is no problem on RaspberryPi, I allready done but the throughput is limited. There for I'm trying to use Pandaboard for this task.

Can somebody help me?

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You need to put a patch on the kernel to use it.

You may use this link to modify the files, http://www.omappedia.com/wiki/PandaBoard_SPI

There are multiple ways to interface the SPI devices with Pandaboard, Mostly you will be using the SPI available on J3 connector.

Some parts from the link mentioned above:

You do not need to write any kernel code and study the kernel API for SPI. The kernel already contains several sort of device drivers.

Pandaboard's SPI masters are fully supported by the Linux kernel's mcspi driver. That being said, one will need to make only some minor modifications to the PandaBoard's board file (arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-omap4panda.c) in order to use them.

Long back I had a chance to work with RPi SPI, and as you said, there is no pain in using the SPI on RPi. On Panda, we need to perform some hacks.

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