I am using a hp chromebook 14. When I go to the login page of ubuntu I correctly spell my user and password but it says incorrect login.

This was working fine yesterday when I installed it but now I can't log in. I'm not sure how to change the password in chrome os terminal because I cant reach the terminal in ubuntu.

Please send me the code I would need to type in chrome os terminal to solve this issue.


Just press Ctrl+Alt+F2 and try to login with no X. You should login with root account. Then you could change the user password with command like this: passwd Press Ctrl+Alt+F7 or something to get graphic back.


restart and go to recovery mode for your os, see whether an option named root is there, if so choose it by navigating to root and press enter. then type passwd and enter. this will ask for your new UNIX password. for changing password of a specific user, you have to do passwd uid,where uid should be replaced with your username.

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