i am working on LFS, and getting this error creating symbolic links. i checked this link but no help, also googled but nothing works.

# ln -sv $LFS/tools /
‘/tools’ -> ‘/mnt/lfs/tools’

in root directory, i see a file tools, with link symbol on it. double clicking throws an error "the link cannot be used because its target /mnt/tools does not exist"

also checked env variable

# echo $LFS

any help would be awesome.



alright, i've figured it out.

i had previously mounted partition

mount -v -t ext4 /dev/sda4 $LFS 

for some reason, this mount was not working anymore, probably after restart. i found it when i checked directory /mnt/lfs - it was empty, all the folders that i had created were in partition sda4 which i had previously mounted.

re-mounted partition,

#ln -sv $LFS/tools /

and it works now.

2nd question: what happened to mount, why does it stop working after restart ? at the same time, environment variable $LFS also resets ?

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