I have installed Jitsi and as I have read that is highly customizable I want to change the font size as it is really small. But I don't want to configure it via the properties of Ubuntu and enlarge the fonts everywhere. I just want to change the font size in Jitsi. How can I do that?

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I am not happy with this solution, but I have found that editing the /usr/bin/jitsi script and changing the JVM CLIENTARGS to …


… helped.

I only changed lines 7 and 11 here:



# Get architecture
ARCH=`uname -m | sed -e s/x86_64/64/ -e s/i.86/32/`

# Additionnal JVM arguments

if [ $ARCH -eq 32 ]
    CLIENTARGS="$CLIENTARGS -client -Xmx256m"


Would love a better solution.

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