I use screen, which lets me use many terminals. However, because there are so many terminals sometimes I forget what I am doing. Is there any terminal application that can draw over a section of the terminal/take up some space, and show an editable notes section?

I don't want to run screen in screen :-p

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    Use byobu, a wrapper for screen and tmux. It can use custom scripts to set the status, so while the status is not directly editable, you could use simple shell scripts to get close.
    – muru
    Nov 4, 2014 at 3:52

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Maybe not what you're looking for exactly, but I have a script to add a string to the beginning of the bash prompt. It's called shellname.sh and looks like this:

#!/bin/bash -x

if [[ -z "$ORIG_PS1" ]] ; then
  export ORIG_PS1="$PS1" ;

export PS1="($1) $ORIG_PS1"

Then I can call source ~/testname.sh "Shell Name Here". Note that you have to use source instead of running it directly so it can effect the local environment. For example:

stokastic@home:~/test# source ~/shellname.sh "build shell"
(build shell) stokastic@home:~/test# 
(build shell) stokastic@home:~/test# echo "now my shell name is on the left"
now my shell name is on the left
(build shell) stokastic@home:~/test# make

Another option is to set a custom title by adding this function to your .bashrc:

term_title() {
    echo -ne "\033]0;${@}\007"

To set the terminal's title run this command in a new terminal:

term_title "New Terminal Name"

Link to the image


One solution I use now is to just add a bash comment

bash> # this tab is for doing xyz.

If you prefix the comment hash with a space ie. ' #', it won't even save it into your command line history.

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